Two serious errors in 0,6 seconds.



With six tenths of a second (0.6) to go in the 2nd game of the LEB 2 playoffs between WTC Cornella and Imaje Sabadell Gapsa on April 29, 2006, a three-point field goal was granted to WTC Cornella which was not only achieved after regulation time had expired but also after the player committed a traveling violation.

Competition: 2nd game of the promotion play-off to LEB 1 of the Spanish League between WTC Cornellá and Imaje Sabadell Gapsa.
State of the series: 0-1 in favor of Imaje Sabadell Gapsa.
Referees: Bardaji, O. y Bey, R.
Main Official: Sanchís, V.
Time remaining on the game clock: 0,6 seconds.
Score: Cornellá 61 – Sabadell 63
Play must be resumed by:  a throw-in of Cornellá from half court.
1rst Action: the player Marco Fernández (Cornellá) receives the ball facing the half court at 9 meters from the basket and achieves a field goal in 0,92 seconds (out of the regulation time) committing traveling.
2nd Action: the referees grant the field goal as legal.
Final score: Cornellá 64 – Sabadell 63.
New state of the series of the promotion play-off: 1-1.



From the deliver of  the ball by the referee to the pass: 4,61 seconds
PASS: 0,36 seconds
canastaimposible_situacionprevia1.jpg (56607 bytes)


Player nº 9, Marco Fernández (M.F.), "static".


canastaimposible_situacionprevia2.jpg (54725 bytes)

M.F. moves toward the player that will pass the ball

0,08 seconds

canastaimposible_situacionprevia3_1erapoyopiederecho.jpg (55538 bytes)

M.F. performs a one-foot stance to receive the ball.

0,16 seconds



Out of Time + Traveling

canastaimposible_situacionprevia3_1erapoyopiederecho.jpg (55538 bytes) One-foot Stance (rigth foot).
canastaimposible_1recepcion.jpg (55404 bytes)

1. One-foof Reception (rigt foot).
Left foot arriving to the ground.
Ball is adapted at the height of the head.

Reception facing back to basket. 9 m. from the hoop.

0,00 seconds

canastaimposible_2.jpg (56645 bytes)

2. Second phase -  deaden stance.
1srt contact of left foot on the ground.

0,08 seconds

canastaimposible_3.jpg (56600 bytes)

3. Start of 1/2 turn toward right.
Left foot lateral impulse.
Rigth foot take off.

0,16 seconds

canastaimposible_4.jpg (56673 bytes)

4. Second phase of 1/2 turn.
Rigth foot step oriented in diagonal toward the sideline.

0,24 seconds

canastaimposible_5.jpg (57078 bytes)

5. Deaden of 1/2 turn with rigth leg.
Left leg in the air.

0,32 seconds

canastaimposible_6.jpg (57604 bytes)

6. Final of 1/2 turn.
Phase of maximum deaden of rigth leg.
Ball is adapted to hip's heigth.

0,40 seconds

canastaimposible_7.jpg (58817 bytes)

7. Start of push off with rigth leg.
Rigth foot oriented toward offensive base line.

0,48 seconds

canastaimposible_8.jpg (59907 bytes)

8. Second push off phase with rigth leg.
Left leg bent.

0,56 seconds

canastaimposible_9.jpg (59908 bytes)

9. Third push off phase with rigth leg.
Ball is adapted with two hands and starting the shooting phases.

0,64 seconds.

canastaimposible_10.jpg (58131 bytes)

10. Final push-off phase with rigth leg.
Shooting phase of shooting arm (rigth).

0,72 seconds

canastaimposible_11.jpg (58373 bytes)

11. Development of the impulse of the shooting arm.

0,80 seconds

canastaimposible_12.jpg (58265 bytes)

12. Final impulse of the shot.

0,88 seconds

canastaimposible_13.jpg (58411 bytes)

13. Phase of detachment of the ball.

0,92 seconds. END OF THE TASK.




canastaimposible_17.jpg (48268 bytes)
Dynamic re-balance 1, after the shot.
It sounds the horn 1,12 seconds after the sub-task  1 (Catching of pass).

Delay of the set in motion of the game clock:
0,52 seconds.
canastaimposible_21.jpg (56335 bytes)

Dynamic re-balance 2, after the shot.

0,64 seconds

canastaimposible_25.jpg (58040 bytes)

Dynamic re-balance 3, after the shot.

0,96 seconds

canastaimposible_29_balonentra.jpg (58344 bytes)

Dynamic re-balance 4, after the shot.
Ball enters to basket.

Duration of the path of the ball in the air:
1,52 seconds

canastaimposible_quiquegestono.jpg (60152 bytes)  




canastaimposible_situacionprevia3_1erapoyopiederecho.jpg (55538 bytes)
1. Rigth foot stance and ball catching
canastaimposible_2.jpg (56645 bytes)

2. Left foot stance

0,16 seconds

canastaimposible_3.jpg (56600 bytes)

3. Rigth foot take off

0,24 seconds

canastaimposible_4.jpg (56673 bytes)

4. Rigth foot stance

0,32 seconds

canastaimposible_3.jpg (56600 bytes)

Referee in perfect location and orientation to perceive the feet movements of the player.

Feet stances are appreciated better by observing the video or dynamic sequences of stills.




canastaimposible_arbitrosconversanenmediopista.jpg (53701 bytes)
Referees in the middle of the court.
Communication of 2-3 seconds
canastaimposible_arbitrosentrandoentunelvestuarios.jpg (59616 bytes)
Referees entering the tunnel of changing rooms, some 15 seconds later,.


The referees move 12-14 meters in approximately 15 seconds.
The referees communicate with the table officials during 1-3 seconds.

The images have been divided in stills of  0,04 seconds.
25 stills / 1 second  -  1 still / 0,04 seconds
Margin of error in the measurement of the total duration of the task "the impossible shot": 0,04 seconds (0,02 in the first and last stills).






David Ribera-Nebot
Basketball Coach since 1987
Entrenador Superior - Spanish Basketball Federation-
Expert on Sports Training

English review by Brett Beeson, MVP of the LEB2 2005-2006



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