David Ribera-Nebot, 2012

Based on the concepts learned from the Professor Seirul·lo Vargas since 1986, from its articles and papers, their class notes, talks, lectures and conferences, and training practical experiences, I propose the following priorities for tactical-strategic optimization:

* Cognitive Structure: Cognition of the Movement Skill, Spatial Cognition, Temporal Cognition, Memory, Comprehension-Understanding, Reflection-Reasoning, Concentration, Decision Making, Designing Movement and Spatial-Temporal Programs, Self-Control and Self-Evaluation.

* Socio-Affective Structure: Mutual Help, Cooperation, Assertive Communication and Empathic Communication.

The specific and relational development, alongside resources of preferably cognitive and socio-affective optimization interacting with other structures of the person, is presented in the classes about Methodology and Practice of Sport Training.


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